Lavender soda

Lavender soda:
Blueberry Red Bull mixed with
Coconut and cream

Your taste buds will sing
As you sip lilac liquid-
What could be more hip?


Recently shot a wedding and captured this gem. SO GOOD.
((congrats Kyndra & Steven))

Rosemary Parmesan 06/30

All I am is blood
and bones and a beating brain

My heart pump-pump-pumps
My eyes bat, shutter, and shift
My toes are twitching

I feel fine, really
All completely functional 
Fuzzy … dazed … muddled …

Rounded up, 30
A weekend with a purpose
Plain conversation

A rosemary loaf
with not enough cucumbers
and cheese spread too thick

Over one thousand
Seemed a steep estimation
But a fitting guess

A ceremony
Quick fingers and quiet steps
Epinephrine thrill

the shadow cloud

A humble abode wedding | 10/28

Blue moon.

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Yes, those blue and red lights in the trail are cop cars.  HIGH SPEED CHASE

light through the branches

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Focus on the finer things

freeeeee bird

It just sat there and let me take the picture… obviously loved the camera

Welcome to the jungle

all packed up and ready to gooo

Cora loves high buns.

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This is what we do for fun.